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Viddler Api Echo

This method is used for testing purposes only. Simply call this method to make sure the API is responding fine.

Viddler Encoding Cancel

Cancel encoding a specific video file.

Viddler Encoding GetSettings

Returns the current encoding options for an account.

Viddler Encoding GetStatus2

This method is the same as viddler.encoding.getStatus except that it groups files better for users to easily find what they are looking for. We could not easily update the previous method without causing complications with external applications.

Viddler Logins Add

Adds a new login to user account when the main account has multi-user sign-on enabled. You must have this feature enabled for your account. Please call us at 1-888-444-1119 to enable for you account.

Viddler Logins Get

Return the current permissions for a specific user.

Viddler Logins Update

Updates a current login.

Viddler Playlists Create

Create a playlist. Regular playlist represents user defined videos. Smart playlist updates in realtime returning videos matching selected filtering rules.

Viddler Playlists Delete

Delete a playlist.u00a0Caution: This operation cannot be undone.

Viddler Playlists List

List all playlists for an account.

Viddler Playlists MoveVideo

Reorder videos in regular playlist.

Viddler Resellers GetSubaccounts

List all subaccounts under your account. Only applies to reseller accounts. Other accounts do not have access to this method.

Viddler Users GetPlayerBranding

Returns your player branding configuration.

Viddler Users GetProfile

Get the public information for a profile. Can only get profile information for public profiles.

Viddler Users GetSettings

Return account settings.

Viddler Users SetPlayerBranding

Sets your player branding options. All options are optional other than your sessionid. Color formats are inu00a0hexadecimalu00a0format with preceding pound sign (IE: #rrggbb)

Viddler Users SetProfile

Update your profile information.

Viddler Videos AddClosedCaptioning

Add new closed captioning file for a specific video. All uploaded closed captioning files are enabled by default. The first uploaded file is default for a video.

Viddler Videos Comments Get

Get comments for a video. If logged in and querying comments for own video – all comments with any moderation status will be returned. If quering comments as logged out or for not owned video – only approved comments will be returned i...

Viddler Videos DelClosedCaptioning

Remove an existing closed captioning file.

Viddler Videos Delete

Delete a video.

Viddler Videos EnableAds

Turn ads off for specified videos.

Viddler Videos GetAdsStatus


Viddler Videos GetEmbedCodeTypes

Return a list of the embed code types for your account.

Viddler Videos GetRecordToken

Return a record token to use with Viddler’s Flash video recorder.

Viddler Videos PrepareUpload

Returns the end-point and token for a new upload session.

Viddler Videos SetClosedCaptioning

Update closed captioning details on a previously uploaded file.

Viddler Videos UploadProgress

Return the status of an upload.

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